Lorraine Clemes EdD, PRP, CPCA


My personal and professional interests have always been intertwined. Since childhood I’ve wondered why I’m here and have been curious about life. I wanted to understand people and learn what I could do to flourish in my own life. I’m a seeker and life-long learner drawn to embracing life transitions and personal growth – but isn’t life really just a series of transitions and choices?

Sometimes I’ve been proactive and strategic in my choices and sometimes the unexpected has stared me in the face. Some of us thrive through change and others get stuck.

Professionally I’ve learned sound theory and best practices through graduate education and internships in applied psychology. My coach certification focused on adult renewal and transformation. But equally important has been my career and life experience.

I gained valuable experience working within, and later as a consultant to, the private and public sector. Mainly this was in the areas of leadership and organizational development. My focus has been on communication, team building and dealing with change and transitions. It was valuable to have experienced cultural change, restructuring and managing people in a large organization, as it’s made me sensitive to the nuances of workplace dynamics.

All of the above experiences have shown me that most of us, at some point in our lives, feel confused or fearful about our circumstances. I know it’s been true for me. However the discomfort is often what wakes us up. Time and time again in my Practice I’ve seen how when people discover their answers to deep questions and courageously speak their truth it can result in clarity and decreased stress. In team or family situations doing so can lead to powerful breakthroughs in connection and finding solutions to challenges. I love facilitating that process.

The conversations I engage in with clients allow them to explore their situation, zero in on what matters most to them and to make better choices. I see the themes as people speak of their lives. We develop strategies that move them toward their desired future. My manner is respectful and gentle, yet my questions are powerful and perceptive.

Coaching in the career transition field allowed me to help people deal with their loss of confidence and concerns they had about their future. Contemplating retirement can feel similar. It’s another important life transition. We treat it as an opportunity to look at who you are, what you long for, what your concerns are, and then build a realistic plan to guide your next steps.

Clients have described working with me as enlightening and empowering. I’m genuinely curious and allow you to be heard. The invitation is just to be honest. When the situation is appropriate, it can be deep, soul work. Coaching conversations can be life changing and open up new insights, yearnings and solutions.

You can go to Linkedin for more specifics on my background but I’ve chosen to give you a more personal look at how I work, and who I am, so you can more easily consider if there might be a great fit to work together.