Life Coaching

The experience of coaching is having someone listen to you intently, and on many levels, to hear what you are saying. A good coach is totally present with you, without judgment, asking the insightful questions that can help you to get unstuck and to discover what matters to you. The process invites courageous conversations that help you to consider options and come to a decision that is right for you. Gaining clarity on your situation is powerful.

After coaching people for over twenty years, I believe that the life choices we make with our eyes open, and based on our truth, contribute greatly to our overall well-being. What questions keep you up, or awaken you at night?

Examples of what life coaching can help you with:

  • find or clarify a purpose that would give your life more meaning
  • explore how being conscious of the changes that accompany aging can actually become a gift in your life
  • discover tools to help you to go through a time of change or transition more smoothly
  • dream big so that the life you’re creating reflects who you really are, so you can live without regret at any life stage
  • become more resilient by exploring what’s causing you stress
  • deal with a serious health diagnosis by considering your options, so you can make the choices that are right for you


The “retirement” stage of life is being reinvented. Those of us who are at mid-life and beyond are creating new scenarios for what is possible and desirable for us. The options are often dramatically different than for previous generations. As life expectancy has increased it’s more important than ever that your choices for this life stage be right for you!

I help individuals and couples to create options and make the choices that suit them best – so they feel energized and confident in their chosen direction. Mid-life is often a time of increased complexity and it is a wonderful stage to rebalance, renew or even reinvent your life.

My doctoral and post-doctoral research was on how Boomers want to “do retirement”. I wrote Mid-life Magic: Designing the next chapter of your life, and the Mid-life Magic Workbook to share what I’ve learned through my research and work with clients. There’s plenty of helpful information in these books which contain important questions, as well as the process that I use when working with people in transition. The goal is to better understand what you want your retirement to look like and to decide how to get there. At mid-life you may start to feel time is running out, which can be a great motivator to be proactive in your life.

The key is to discover your own unique version of “what next?” and explore the fears that can hold you back. It can be a fun process. You can get in touch with lifelong dreams, look at your concerns, and face realistic challenges, in order to create an action plan. Keeping engaged in life with passion and purpose is a key contributor to your well-being.