I have extensive experience working within, and consulting to, both the private and public sector. My graduate education is grounded in a solid understanding of “best practices”, while my real world experience within organizations is equally important to my style of offering practical, realistic solutions.

My areas of specialty in consulting to organizations are in working with teams and coaching individuals to be most effective in their leadership roles. This includes involvement during times of organizational change, mergers or restructuring.

Project examples:

  • helped teams to understand their members’ individual differences in communication and conflict management styles and to discover the implications for how to work together more effectively
  • resolved a serious communication breakdown between two VPs by conducting individual assessments, using that information to educate them on their work style, and coaching them individually and together to rebuild trust and reach consensus on their behaviour moving forward
  • assisted an organization in retaining a young high potential manager by providing one-on-one assessment and coaching to help him clarify his skills, goals, and motivators, which led him to understand how he could meet his needs by staying with the firm
  • coached leaders in the private and public sector as a Niagara Institute Associate by debriefing 360 and other assessment inventories, helping them to set their action plans and providing coaching to them over time

Professional Assessments

In coaching and consulting projects I use assessment tools as a resource where they add value to our work. These are well-researched instruments that ask you a series of questions and provide you with information about your style preferences, personality, or a relevant aspect of yourself. Answers are never right or wrong, pass or fail – it is just valuable information that may help you make choices.

Assessment tools can be helpful for personal, family, or professional issues and are used for individuals alone or for interpersonal situations. You get the benefit of increasing your self-awareness and we explore how that information is relevant and can be useful in your personal or professional life.

Assessments can provide you with:

  • information on your personality / style preferences in order to make better choices for what lifestyle will suit you in retirement or to help you to understand what might be missing in your life and causing you stress
  • an understanding of how you are seen by people at all levels in your organization through using a 360 feedback instrument – this can be invaluable in making career decisions
  • a description of how you tend to deal with conflict, the pros and cons of that style and options for increasing your flexibility – this can be helpful in teams or groups, so that people can see the impact of their go-to style and consider broadening their repertoire to increase their impact
  • information on the composition of styles within a team, in order to explore the strengths and potential blind spots of the team as a whole.

A partial list of instruments I’m certified in are: VOICES 360, The Leadership Circle, Myers-Briggs Typology Indicator (MBTI), Personality Dimensions, Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument, FIRO-B, JVIS, Parker Team Player Survey, EQ-I, and all B-level psychometric instruments.